Bona Fide

İngilizce Türkçe Bona fide real, legal, honest, without intention to deceive gerçek, kandırma amacı gütmeyen, iyi niyetli Metin içinde: In addition to the above provisions, it should be possible, even in the case of a bona fide use of the secret know-how of another, to order the user to compensate that other, if the circumstances make it equitable to do so. Ladas, Stephen P. “Legal … Okumaya devam et Bona Fide

De Facto

İngilizce Türkçe De facto in reality, actually fiili Metin içinde: First, it is essential that Estonian case law shows a clear trend toward wider disclosure. This means that grounds for denial of a shareholder’s information claim are de facto limited. For example, a shareholder is entitled to receive from a company the basic information about management costs, including costs of transactions between the company and persons … Okumaya devam et De Facto

Obiter Dictum

İngilizce Türkçe Obiter dictum that which is said in passing görüş, mütalaa, hakimin gayri resmi beyan edilmiş fikri Britannica’ya göre karar için gerekli olmasa ve emsal niteliği de taşımasa da içtihatta geçen bu ifadeler önemlidir. Metin içinde: Proceeding from the above, the authors of this article take the view that, in addition to statutory rules, Estonian courts have managed to form basic principles of shareholders’ … Okumaya devam et Obiter Dictum

Contra Bonos Mores

İngilizce Türkçe Contra bonos mores Against good morals Ahlak ve adaba aykırı Metin içinde: The court enjoined defendants’ competing venture on the ground that [t]his is not legitimate competition, which it is always the policy of the law to foster and encourage, but it is contra bonos mores [against good morals], and constitutes a breach of trust which a court of law, and much less … Okumaya devam et Contra Bonos Mores