8 Things I Should Be More Conscious of

Consume less Continuous consumption widens the gap between our outer selves and inner selves. By constantly being exposed to things like movies, tv-series, trending music, fashion, make-up, friends and social media, we leave no time to talk to ourselves, to understand who we really are by deriving lessons from the past or realizing the patterns. By consuming less both in terms of material goods and … Okumaya devam et 8 Things I Should Be More Conscious of

Who am I?

Hi there! I am Aleph, better known as Y Nesil Avukat (Millennial/ Generation Y Advocate). As you might guess from the name, I am a typical millennial who is interested in new things, who keeps a bullet journal and likes to do research. When I graduated from Bilkent Law this spring, I looked for information regarding the one-year long apprenticeship law degree holders need to … Okumaya devam et Who am I?